We’re not done!

The reaction is always the same. Every time equality is won in a certain area, people say: now you have, now you can… haven’t you achieved everything? Will you all calm down now? 

Some cosmetic flaws withstanding, marriage equality was passed in 2017. Activists fought for many years to achieve this milestone. Even those members of the LGBT*IQ community who were critical of marriage equality as, at best, a conservative undertaking, were able to appreciate the positive signal that this decision sent. Another fortunate development after years of campaigning came just a few days before legislating marriage equality, when parliament voted to rehabilitate and compensate men who were convicted under § 175 of the German Penal Code.  

Marriage equality and the legal reconditioning of § 175 were always only two issues of many. The lists of demands from most Pride organizations in Germany include eliminating the discrimination of trans* people, amending the constitution (Article 3), allocating more money to LGBT*IQ educational projects, improving health care, as well as better protecting queer refugees and recording hate crimes. 

It can be no surprise that a group as diverse as the LGBT*IQ community does not agree on every issue.  The range of opinions is as diverse as those of the heterosexual majority population. There is no one LGBT*IQ community, but many different scenes/groupings in overlapping and changing constellations. Disagreement is welcome, respectful communication is an invaluable asset.  

Let us talk about our aims. Too many voices, especially those of people subjected to multiple intersections of discrimination, have not yet been adequately heard. These perspectives can forward the debate. Let us argue, love, fight. As differing as our opinions may be, we are united by the realities of discrimination and the work that remains. 

And so we say: We’re not done!